Introducing Road to Ithaka Press!

Last year, when I formed my publishing company, Tiny Paws Publishing, to launch I Am Fun Size, I knew part of the mission was to be able to help other writers in their dreams of publishing their own books without having to navigate as many of the pitfalls of publishing that I had to learn to navigate myself, particularly my friends who weren’t writers by trade but definitely had the talent and drive to write something special.

Today, I’m proud to announce we have a new division for fantasy, sci-fi, and all things creative – Road to Ithaka Press!

Inspired by the poem by C.F. Cavafy,  RTI Press is here to share in the joy and wonder of the journey with authors at all stages of the creative process and to help them thrive as they bring their stories to life and launch them out into the world.

Click here to watch this video on IG for exciting news about our launch on October 24th!
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