CANDELA OBSCURA is coming to Critical Role!

When was the last time you felt real fear?

Critical Role Studios has done it again. This morning, they released the trailer for their newest endeavor – a brand new investigative horror game system called Candela Obscura. Naturally, a whole new magnificent show is coming up to show off this brilliant game system to the world. Come join me, Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and our game master, Matt Mercer, as we step into this world of investigative horror, darkness, and intrigue. The first season premieres on Thursday, May 25, at 7 pm PST on Critical Role’s Twitch and YouTube channels on their twitch and YouTube channels, and stars Matthew Mercer as the Game Master and Robbie Daymond, Laura Bailey, Ashley Johnson, and me as the courageous (for better or for worse) players. You can download the QuickStart guide for Candela Obscura NOW through Darrington Press online.

Set your calendars and notifications to join us at 7 pm on 5/25 and let the dark journey commence!

Watch the Candela Obscura Trailer

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