Anjali’s SEEMA Magazine May 2023 Cover Story – A Storied Career

“You don’t look for the door. You make the door.”

I was honored and grateful to be asked to be the cover story for Seema Magazine’s May 2023 cover story. It was a joy being able to talk about my beautiful family who supported me, my brilliant co-collaborators like Sabrina Besla and Jasmine Bhullar, and to shine light and insight for people who may be looking to pursue a career in the arts.

I’m especially thrilled that a picture of young Anjali (see below), complete with her Wonder Woman Underoos back in the day, made it into this esteemed publication. If you’d told her this life would be the journey that lay ahead of her, I don’t think she would have believed it. Or maybe she would have stood in that sassy stance and said “That’s great…but what else are we gonna do?” That little girl knew how to dream big.

Head to for the full story and to read the whole issue in flipbook form.

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