You guys have Fun Sized my HEART….thank you all so very much for supporting the I Am Fun Size Kickstarter Campaign! Thanks to you we hit all of our goals and then some, and we over here at Tiny Paws Productions (yup, that’s our company…because as Charley and I both can attest to, Tiny Paws Do Big Things!) are beside ourselves with joy and gratitude for all of you… (and sorry this took us a day to get out to you – we were so excited with celebrating, it seems SOMEONE forgot to use her paws to hit “publish” on this update. Ahem.

In the upcoming week, your pledges will be confirmed by Kickstarter (and you’ll have a chance to solve any payment method issues) and then you’ll be sent a survey through BackerKit to see how you enjoyed the process of this Kicsktarter – DON’T SKIP THAT SURVEY because it will be the chance for you to grab some of the items that you may have missed during the campaign! We know that many of you wanted to add things on and were having some challenges there, so we’re working with BackerKit to make sure everything is available for you guys – as I say in the book, I hate elimination games, so we’re not leaving anyone behind!

Remember, shipping charges for your items will be collected later through BackerKit when the items are ready to ship, so keep an eye out for those emails as we have updates on that too!

We’ll still be periodically sending you updates about the book – especially as we get to print and know more about shipping times and more – and of course to let you guys know when we are scheduling our online reading/Q&A that so many of you signed up for!

Looking forward to sharing more good news with you all soon! And don’t hesitate to ask us questions at info@richardd72.sg-host.com

More soon!



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