The Doctor is In (again) – Anjali on The Fosters on ABC Family

Sometimes the stars align and you get to work on a show that you believe in, a show created by a friend and embraced by the masses as something as special as it is.

Lucky enough to have gotten to play Dr. Melvoy on this week’s episode of The Fosters on ABC Family. Ever since I first watched the pilot of this show, I knew it was something all families should get to share, and it only meant more knowing that Peter Paige (well known for his work on Queer As Folk on Showtime) was at the helm. What a delight to be a part of it for this episode, and to work with the lovely Teri Polo and Sherri Saum, who are as kind as they are beautiful.

“It’s My Party” airs at 8 pm/7c on ABC Family. Or watch it here at


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