Parents and Puppies – Modern Family and Dog With a Blog in one week!

Get ready for a great week of TV starting with the return of the Patels on ABC’s Modern Family. And we finally get to meet our notorious son, Sanjay! Watch what happens as he and Alex scramble to earn the title of valedictorian…and we parents are taking it as seriously as they are…


Then, join us on Dog With a Blog on Disney XD for…..PUPPIES! Stan’s new lady is about to have puppies…but seems that there are forces at play keeping him and the kids from being there to meet them when they arrive, including a handsome French doctor and a snooty French-slinging receptionist…


Check out both episodes this week!

Modern Family: “We’re Number One!” on Wednesday, May 6 at 9 pm/8c on ABC

Dog With a Blog: “Stan Has Puppies” on Friday, May 8 at 8 pm/7 c on the Disney Channel

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