The Great Unfinished (or, Take 2)

Years ago, I found myself in the awkward position of wanting to start a blog but not having any idea WHAT to write about. I knew I wanted to share something with the world that would somehow have a positive effect on people, either through inspiration or comedy or beauty or something, but didn’t really have a sense that I could do that without having any specific direction. I used to joke that I got my mom’s perfectionism and my dad’s procrastination, until I realized they are really just twin sisters. All of these writings that I deemed unworthy of human consumption because…well, insert reason here. And what that lead me to are files upon files of writings that I like to call “The Great Unfinished”. And next to my music and my photos, I imagine they take more space than anything else on my hard drive (both the one in my computer and the one in my head).

Last year, I actually started this blog here on my website…and just now realized…oops…once again The Great Unfinished had swallowed my inspiration. My last post was in May 2014? So much living between now and then…how did I let it go by without sharing the goodness?

So here at the beginning of 2015, I’ve decide it’s time to put those out into the world, along with new insights and inspirations, in the hope that some of my writing might actually help people on some smaller level or larger one. Or at the very least, brighten someone’s day…

Thanks for tuning in, folks…and stay tuned for another new writing project I’m really excited to share with you all as well!

First up…And then, you climb….

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