The Starving Artist vs. The Hungry Artist

The starving artist is so 1830.

The hungry artist is where it’s at, no matter what the year.

The starving artist feeds their soul and their art at the expense of their health and sanity.

The hungry artist feeds their soul AND their body, but never to the point of oversatiation, because the death of creativity is complacency and sloth.

The starving artist doesn’t pay his bills because he’s too focused on his art to be bothered with practicality.

The hungry artist takes care of the necessities in the most organized and expedient way possible because he understands reality while being eager to get to the art making.

The starving artist romanticizes suffering and pain.

The hungry artist knows that while suffering is a part of life, it isn’t a necessity for creating art that is powerful. It is to be moved through, not lived in.

The starving artist deprives himself of love unless and until he creates something and is worthy.

The hungry artist fills and surrounds himself with love so that he can create and because he knows he is worthy regardless.

The starving artist has to criticize other artists in order to feel they are superior.

The hungry artist strives to see what is good and what can be improved in their fellow artists, always aware of how much of their peers’ heart has gone into what they have put out into the world.

The starving artist scoffs when people they deem less talented or worthy than they are succeed.

The hungry artist knows that another’s success doesn’t preclude theirs, that there is enough abundance for everyone. And that for almost every “overnight sensation” there were years of work that no one saw.

The starving artist laments that no one hears them, no one sees them…no one “gets” them.

The hungry artist does everything in their power to communicate in every way they can, because they know the worth of what they have to say and share. And they know that by making themselves heard, they can…if the message is right…change someone’s world.

The starving artist yearns for and needs love.

The hungry artist IS love.

So…who’s hungry?

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