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can-stress-cause-acid-reflux-300x260Lately I’ve found myself helping a lot of my new-to-the-business compatriots to understand that crazy language spoken in the entertainment business, particularly when they are trying to decipher something their agent has told them about a deal memo or a contract. (Every time I hear “they’ve put a pin in you” I’m alternately thrilled and horrified…I either have a job or someone’s got a voodoo doll of me. Or both.) So, I happily share with them (and now you) one of my new fave finds — the Lingua Franca post on, a blog written by entertainment lawyer Peter L. Kaufman. Actually, the blog itself is a treasure trove of information (none of which should be considered a substitute for legal counsel or consulting one’s representatives directly), which he provides along with other tremendously interesting, savvy, witty, and enjoyable posts. But for newcomers to the lingo (or anyone without a degree in entertainment law) I find this page to be a useful starting point for many who need a contract Rosetta Stone.

Although frankly, I always hope people come to me first when they’re trying to learn the meaning of a triple banger…the jokes are too good to pass up.

Visit the Lingua Franca page and by clicking here. Or follow Peter on Twitter (I do!) at @dealfatigue.


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